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Importance of stainless steel bars in construction

At first glance, it may seem that stainless steel bar would be too expensive for use in any large concrete structure. Why spend so much when ordinary bars have worked so well? However, in certain applications, the final result of the building can mean greater economy when the stainless steel bars support the concrete. For some purposes, no other kind of reinforcing bar will suffice.

In the following article you will be able to learn why stainless steel bars are perfect for working with reinforced concrete.

  • Corrosion resistance

The bar does not need to support the entire building, but only those critical portions subject to corrosive conditions. Other uses requiring superior corrosion resistance include:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Airport taxiways and bridges
  • tunnels
  • Parking garages in coastal regions
  • docks
  • Freeway entrance and exit ramps
  • boardwalks
  • Low magnetic permeability

Steel bars and their use in reinforced concrete. For uses where the magnetic properties of high carbon steel cannot be tolerated, stainless steel rods or bars come to the rescue. If concrete structures require the low magnetic permeability of stainless steel, architects and engineers must take the additional cost as a necessary design element. Choose SS 304 Round Bar suppliers
for making the building.

Other buildings that require stainless steel bars include those where ambient magnetic fields from ferrous metals will disrupt sensitive machinery or processes. 316 stainless steel pipe suppliers in India are famous for industrial products.

  • Ductility

Stainless steel bars from SS fasteners manufacturers in Indiaalso have higher tensile strength and withstand fatigue better than ordinary bars.

The ductility of stainless steel makes it perfect for use in:

  • earthquake zones
  • Cold applications such as liquified gas storage
  • Bridges, overpasses, and skyscrapers anywhere

When stainless steel bars can extend the life of critical infrastructure from 50 years to 100, the economics become quite attractive, especially for road and ship projects. Stainless steel bars shine with their special properties, whether used in new construction, extensive repairs, or magnetic field-sensitive installations.

Mild steel bars

Mild steel bars are used for their tensile stress in reinforced concrete, beams, and slab, among others, in reinforced concrete work. These steel bars have a flat surface and rounded sections, ranging from 6mm to 50mm. These bars are made to a great length and can be easily cut and bent without damage.

Steel bars for work with reinforced concrete

SS Hex Bolt manufacturers in India provide all-steel bars for reinforcing position must be carefully plated to the specified dimension and weight. They must be in good condition, free of cracks, surface damage, lamination, imperfect ends, and other defects. They must have a finish similar to that made by a human.

General precautions for reinforcing steel bars

  • Steel bars must be stored, so they do not distort, deteriorate, or rust.
  • Overlapping bars must not touch each other and must be kept apart by the concrete.
  • The overlap must be staggered
  • The steel bars must not move while the cement is being poured.

Remember, the preferred type of stainless steel bar to use in concrete construction depends on the ultimate design goal of the structure